Our vision for the wine is simple, almost simplistic: It must be an expression of its terroir. The oak used for our barrels is sourced from the Écueil forest or from Champagne-Ardenne. Each plot is pressed and vinified separately and the juice is moved by gravity as far as possible and not pumped, to conserve the musts’ intrinsic qualities. Fermentations are temperature controlled and monitored daily. The wines stay in tank or barrel in contact with their lees deposits, without racking, for the whole autumn period, so they develop their full complexity and unique personality. For the wines made in oak barrels, no stirring or filtering is carried out. The chilling process then takes place… outside in the winter cold! The bottles are aged in our cellars for between 30 months and 7 years. This is followed by an average resting time of 3 to 6 months after the yeast deposits have been removed (disgorgement). The optimum “dosage” for each wine in each year, is decided by several trial tastings. Our objective is to find the best possible balance as each wine is a living being with its own character.

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